Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh where for art thou Sandy??!!

Last week was scary.  I'm not going to lie to you.  We basically didn't have power for almost 3 days.    There is no damage to the house or of us, and my family and IRL friends.  My sister and 2 year old nephew were evacuated by boat and stayed a while with another relative.  My 90-something Grandma didn't have power for a while and that was stressful.  My Aunt lives lives right near Seaside and it took forever for her power to go back on but it did eventually.  I asked a bunch of friends who live around my area to check on them and mostly they have messed up roofs,  branches branches everywhereEVERYWHEREeverywhere.
The boardwalks are gone.  I can't believe I missed the chance to show Lexi Seaside.  She would have loved it, but we'd have to pick a day when it's not too hot to go to Seaside, like this past September, and now that will never happen.

I am a flake and I am doing the best I can with what I have to work with to stop doing that.   If I don't feel like going out then I wont.  If I start to feel lonely I make plans.  Now it's more about survivor's guilt.  This person died, that person died.   My family and I are fine.  Using technology now feels like I'm in the Matrix and the people who's houses were destroyed are in the real world fending for themselves.


Halloween was postponed til Saturday in my town.

The Belated Halloween party finally began.

It consisted of a party at school followed by an assortment of candy, Mini Me trying to help out with Trick or Treating.  We didn't go out because she was still tired from the school party and she had already had some more candy from our stash at home, I figured by the time we could go Trick or Treating she'd be out like a light from a sugar crash.

I was right.

Life goes on

Sorry if I'm quiet here: I have a lot of issues to deal with from the storm.  It'll be hard to get used to all this destruction.

Hope you all are well and if you or someone you know has been affected by Sandy, I am preying with you and am with you.

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