Sunday, December 16, 2012

Newtown, CT

I am no wimp when it comes to horror movies. Even if I'm watching something as depraved as "Last House on the Left" (the original version) or "The Devil's Rejects" (to name a few). I sit in the theater and watch other people sweat it out.

It takes something like Sandy Hook to make me afraid I might get nightmares.

In every nation, in every city, in every town, there are terrorists. We as a

nation need to stop deluding ourselves that terrorists exist "over there", in countries where possible terrorist attacks are as ordinary as brushing one's teeth.

Our country is ill equipped to provide help for the mental illnesses it takes in order to have suicidal/homicidal thoughts. They can't pay for doctor or therapist appointments, they cannot afford their medication, and before you know it....BOOM.

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