Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Does Mental Illness Really Exist?

I have beef when it comes to diagnostics when it concerns "mental illness".

I don't believe Autism a mental illness( in light of Sandy Hook and because my daughter is Autistic). The term "normal" is as transient as it's ever been before. It's not about mental illness being something to be ashamed about and autism isn't. I don't believe in mental "illness" period, actually. I don't believe in the term "abnormal psychology" anymore. I believe that we are all different and it isn't right to compartmentalize people like that because we live in a society that as long as you have a label for what's "wrong" with you, THEN they can accept you. Bottom line, we are just all wired differently. I mean, I have schitzoaffective disorder and I don't consider myself to be "mentally ill". Hell, some people think being gay is a mental illness.

It wasn't that long ago when there was a concept of a "nuclear family" being shoved down our throats. The ideal family was white, with heterosexual parents and heterosexual children, they were Christian, they saved themselves until marriage, they dressed a certain way, hung out with the "right crowd", never did illegal drugs but gobbled down prescriptive medication the same way we do now. Doctors prescribed diet pills which were basically speed, etc.

Here are some interesting videos/articles:

 Dr. Geroge C Scipoine is a Christian who believes in antipsychiatry.  Thomas Szasz has a secular approach.

When I get the time soon I will post in my blog my experiences going to the hospital, my treatment, and the pro's and con's of my visits. Keep in mind I am not going to hold anything back.

Please note that I am not suggesting that people who seriously hurt themselves or others or who have suicidal/homicidal thoughts should not receive treatment because I don't believe in "mental illness". My teacher for my pharmacy tech certification classes put it best: "Everyone has the right to be free of pain."

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