Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Light reading

Some books are inspirational. Others are intellectually stimulating or emotionally comforting. Then there are those juicy, mindless reads that are only good for a plane ride or the beach. Which books or authors fall under this last category?Submitted By fixnwrtr

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The first books that always come to mind are the "Chic Lit" genre. While there is some pretty hilarious and well-written chic lit, it always counts as "fluff" for me. So does the Twilight series. I am too much of an Anne Rice fan to ever put that series before her. I'm sure Stephanie Meyer is a great writer, I am fine with giving credit where credit is due, but you really have to be something special to write vampires the way that Anne Rice did. Twilight is more of a soap opera, so it's perfect for the crowd who is into that whole "romance novel" scene.

Another is the "UK Chic Lit" genre. Bridget Jones, Jemima J., and the like. The UK wit is something that I gravitate more towards than my own Western, American wit. It is much less likely that you will find a UK writer whom is as content to wallow in their own ignorance as those you come in contact with across the pond. Add to the fact that they put much bigger emphasis on being polite and civilized in their day to day life, it seems to give them much more creativity when they sit down to write a novel script. All that repression can do your imagination good, I suppose.

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