Sunday, December 19, 2010

Abnormal Pleasures

I have tasted abnormal pleasures, they can dull the taste for normal ones. However, I believe that unless one has an extremely addictive personality, one can keep themselves from allowing the thrill of rudimentary pleasures to fade.

There have been times in my life before I had my daughter that I assumed I was just another extremely jaded member of my generation, fed on lies but getting too old to care about them anymore.

Having my daughter in a sense gives me the chance to relive my own childhood. There is so much I had missed out on because I did not have much choice but to grow up too fast.

As for abnormal carnal pleasures; I have no regrets about when I was first introduced. I was a bit younger than the average of my demographic, but I grew to realize that sex and everything that encompassed it was something I was always going to be more daring than I could have ever imagined I would be when I had just discovered just how much I like boys.

Now that I am nearing 30, I know once and for all that I am straight, and I love the male physique. I love everything about it, and I do not mean just the men who's bodies are or are near perfection. Men don't have to have a perfect body for me to want them like crazy.

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