Sunday, January 9, 2011

Youtube Guru: XSparkage

Leesha, aka Xsparkage on Youtube is the first Guru I started paying attention to.  I never was one to really browse the different categories of channels, and one night I stumbled upon "howto and style", and Leesha was frequently at the top 20.

She is a girl who naturally only feels comfortable wearing dramatic, sometimes glow-in-the-dark makeup creations, and the "makeup geek" that lives within me loves her for that.  As much as I tend to lean more towards a "Bobbi Brown", bring out your natural beauty philosophy when it comes to cosmetics, I also firmly believe in just sitting down and playing with what you have, and in buying colors you would normally never wear and taking them home and plunging head-first into experimenting with what you think goes together and what does not.

She is always smiling and bubbly and seems like a genuinely happy person even when she seems annoyed about something (usually it's trolls leaving nasty comments on her videos).  She seems like the type of girl I would have been really good friends with in high school, even though she is younger than I am.  Some people find her perkiness annoying, I find it adorable.

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