Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diet Days #7

I haven't been at the gym yet this week; I'll probably go tomorrow. The past three or four days I've been napping on and off during the day so when gym time rolls around I'm usually too groggy.

Today was different because I had to do a lot of grocery shopping; my kitchen was almost completely void of flavr.

funny pictures-Teh flavrrrr...  it eludes me.....

I have been doing a lot of cardio but I haven't been loosing much weight. I really need to stop thinking I'm 21 again and can eat whatever I want and not gain any. Even after Lexi was born I didn't gain weight like I have right now. Back then I was putting myself through a lot of intense, high impact cardio. It gave me a lot of injuries but my figure was looking great.

Now I'm trying to find that happy medium-I need low impact aerobics that burn calories. That's why I'm on the treadmill so much when I am at the gym. I'm going to start playing with the incline feature though: I have a friend who blasted 2100 calories for being on the treadmill for two hours at an 18% incline and a 3.5 mph speed.

I've walked with a slight incline at 3.5 mph before, but never that much. I think I could manage doing that for maybe half an hour at best. I'm still kind of out of shape so I'm really going to push myself to do what she did. Eventually, of course. I don't go to the gym to try to kill myself in the name of burning calories: I have a kid I have to take care of who's a meatball and I need my strength to be able to pick her up and carry her. When I was working out to the point of injury, it was when my daughter was only a newborn, and newborn's don't do a heck of a lot as you can imagine. I had the time to recover back then. I don't have that anymore.

I also binged the past couple of days. They haven't been the worst binges I've ever done, but it's still bad that I did. I really am trying to wien myself from binging but only those who are also exercise bulimics really know what I'm going through.

I'm really trying not to drink soda but it's like my form of crack. It's ridiculous.

If my stupid stuff keeps happening I'm basically setting myself right up to get diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol. All of that runs wild on my dad's side of my family and I am not about to be taking diabetic etc medication along with all the pills I have to take already.

Slow but steady I suppose....

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