Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weather or Not

If you know anything about me, you would know how much I hate severe changes in the weather. Case in point: yesterday it was 70 degrees in my particular part of NJ, now you need your winter coat again. A change that drastic really makes me feel like crap. Sometimes I even get flu-like symptoms when the weather changes more than 10 degrees overnight.

The good thing about it having been that hot in the middle of February is that it melted about 95% of the snow that has been lingering for going on two months. Lexi and I had a nice walk today and will be able to have more as long as it doesn't freakin' snow too much in the near future. I'm almost dying of cabin fever over here.
Normally I can take being inside for most of the time but I can't be in here all the time for a week straight like I've had to do after we got like ten accumulated inches of snow.

I am past the "OMG I love winter I can breathe better because there are hardly any allergens in the air" and I just want to have some nice weather for a change. I wish it could be 72 degrees all the time. That would be lovely.

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