Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Crush Series: Edie Sedgwick

Many have heard of Andy Warhol. Not nearly as many remember Edie Sedgwick.

She is Kiera Sedgwick's cousin, and was at one point in the 60's was America's "It" girl. England had Twiggie, the US had Edie Sedgwick.

A powerful but gentle, beautiful presence that was snuffed out too soon by addiction.

She never knew how truly beautiful she really was. Shame she died at 28. I'm 28. I can sympathize with her. I've always been scared that if I didn't get my head together I wouldn't make it to 30 as well. I'm very close to 30, but I do not feel nearly as ethereal as Edie. I never had the conviction that I wouldn't make it past 30.

But I do understand the pain of having an addictive personality who is constantly told how pretty she is so she shouldn't have a care in the world, the poor little suburban girl....that's me...

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