Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting To Know Me series, Part One: The Voice

I was the best alto during the two years that I was in Choir in Burlington City High School. I joined in ninth grade and eleventh grade. Both times I could have done a solo but I was too chicken. Still am, to this day. The only time I really let myself go as a vocalist is karaoke, because at least I can have a couple of beers to loosen myself up (I am a straight edge girl who really enjoys beer, that doesn't mean I get wasted, FYI. That's another story in itself.). I was told countless times, starting in middle school even that I should do one of the solo's for whatever the main event was.

All By Myself

I have terrible stage fright. Those of you who are reading this who were lucky enough to catch me singing (and acting like a damn fool sometimes)back when was still around: I'm going to start leaving cinch podcasts to my blog so you can hear me again and so that my new readers can hear me sing acapello. As good as I am at internet banter, let me tell you it is quite a different situation in person. I am basically Rita Hayworth when it comes to any celebrity I may have gained, underground or mainstream. Which is fine by me, since I've always wanted to be the Rita Hayworth of my generation:

"Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda... and woke up with me."
-Rita Hayworth

"Increasingly, stars are recruited from the ranks of professional models, with the result that today's starlets are better dressed and better groomed than ever before, though it is doubtful if they are better actresses".
-Rita Hayworth

"We are all tied to our destiny and there is no way we can liberate ourselves".
-Rita Hayworth

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