Thursday, May 19, 2011

oh hai! I haz a Youtube stalker!

This is the third profile this person has bothered me from lol



  1. Nobody reads your shitty blog. Get a life.

  2. aww mad because I blocked all the profiles you were gonna use to harass me on Youtube? Plenty of people read my writing; I just don't get many comments.

    And you're telling ME to get a life when you're the one stalking me all across the internet so how the fuck am I the loser again? Could you explain that to me? Oh wait, that's right, I don't give a shit.

    Stop acting like you're so special, I've dealt with internet trolls like you for ten years and it's never stopped me from writing. What you know about me as a writer could fit on the head of a pin.

  3. Sweetheart, what the hell are you talking about? I'm a random internet user passing by. Saw your hating and what I see is that you're more worthless and pathetic than all of these train-wreck celebrities all together.

  4. I've never driven on the wrong side of the road, I've never stripped for minors, I've never made up a bogus charity and then used the money that was sent to me on coke and ambien, I've never pandered to minors or gotten a botched boob job and pretended I'm still hot shit.

    And nobody beyond the age of 13 should be using the term "hater". Do you even realized how uneducated you sound using that term?

    Seriously how many rounds you want to go because you have no idea who you're dealing with.

  5. I read your Blog and Im somebody, I just subscribed to it also.

    I know for a fact Tila trolls around on the internet all day using fake profiles (like the YouTube Tila Ass kissing contest winner). A few weeks ago she and I had a conversation for about 6 hours on twitter with her calling me names like hater and jealous (Typical Tila comebacks), telling how I need to get a life. She was also BS'ing me how she has an MBA from college and is making 6 figures, but somehow has time to sit on twitter all day arguing with me and QOCAP about how great Tila Tequila is. She busted herself out twice from when I said something about "you" meaning something Tila did and she responded with "I" obviously forgetting she was supposed to be someone else. Also the fact the only people she was following were homerbartt and Officialmstila and none following. She made the account to specifically confront QOCAP but I jumped in the argument also and it went on from there. Shes not that smart or consistent.

    Im sure if any of us had the opportunity to be on an Mtv reality show we'd also have a sizeable fanbase to start on, even if it was a fake scripted sorry dating show. That was Tilas big break, but since then she been a complete failure and IMO wasted that opportunity to make something out of herself. Now she can only hang on to that last shred of fame by lying about everything and doing porn for money. Most of us dont get that kind of break (and I doubt we want to lie and scam our way to be noticed by Radar online) so we have to start on the bottom and work our way up. Thats no reason to talk trash about the lesser known bloggers.

  6. Some bloggers like myself choose to be more "underground" than mainstream like Tila is so desperate to be. She wants to be at the least a B list celeb but she's stuck on the Z list and always will be, and she HATES that.

    People catch her writing from fake profiles and names all the time. I use different names on the net but if someone asks for my real name I'm not afraid to tell them. You're allowed to have a pseudonym.

    As far as lesser known bloggers, we're usually much much MUCH more critically acclaimed than Tila or Paris Hilton or any other "gossip" blog. That's all Tila ever did on any of her blogs: gossip about people in the entertainment industry. Obviously she still does that.

  7. Oh and thank you for subscribing :)