Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Gary Damron,


How dare you cancel on the most prolific indy wrestler of my generation? You aren't worthy enough to even lick the bottom of Matt "Mdogg20" Cross's shoes, let alone have the honor of being able to book him in the first place! You done stepped right into a wasp's nest, because I have been following Matt Cross's career for the better part of seven years and I will tell you what the f**k is up: you need him a hell of a lot more than he'll ever need you. Not only do I curse every single event you manage to throw together, but I hope you get kicked right in the balls by Hornswoggle right before he gives you a good old fashioned donkey punch.

In case you couldn't tell, I verbally sterilize no talent cream puffs with size double D bitch tits but most importantly UNETHICAL wet nurses like you. Have another Pop Tart, tubby.

Suck me sideways,

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