Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting To Know Me series, Part One: The Voice

I was the best alto during the two years that I was in Choir in Burlington City High School. I joined in ninth grade and eleventh grade. Both times I could have done a solo but I was too chicken. Still am, to this day. The only time I really let myself go as a vocalist is karaoke, because at least I can have a couple of beers to loosen myself up (I am a straight edge girl who really enjoys beer, that doesn't mean I get wasted, FYI. That's another story in itself.). I was told countless times, starting in middle school even that I should do one of the solo's for whatever the main event was.

I have terrible stage fright. Those of you who are reading this who were lucky enough to catch me singing (and acting like a damn fool sometimes)back when was around: you may be able to attest to that because there were some times when my voice cracked. However we have cinchcast now and I can go back to singing songs for my friends.

I haven't been doing that at all these past few months, and right now as I am thinking about it, I miss doing that. So I think my resolution for the rest of the summer is to just sing more. It always helps me out when I'm feeling down.

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