Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ideas to solve the American economic crisis

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I like your pointing out health care as a cause. Non-profit hospitals receive huge tax breaks, supposedly for offering low cost or free services to lower income people, yet fail to provide services anywhere near the dollar amount of benefits they receive in tax breaks. Third party payors (insurance companies, medicare & medicaid), further drive up costs by removing the consumer from the equation, leaving everyone expecting rolls royce quality medical services when less expensive alternatives are available. Private insurance companies (profit only motivated), provide coverage to the healthiest while denying needed services to those least able to pay. Some form of socialized medicine is necessary so that limited health care resources can be more evenly distributed accross the generations and more $$ end up being spent on younger citizens than on prolonging death for our most aged citizens.

The government give away of free media to large corporations could mark the end of democracy. We do not have a free uncensored media, we have corporate controlled propoganda and the majority of the sheeple in this country fail to recognize that 'politically correct' speech IS CENSORSHIP. If I cannot freely and openly speak up and criticize government actions, democracy IS dead. Do all Americans approve of gay marriage, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and the percentage of our national budget that is spent on defense?

The Patriot Act, which undermines the US Constitution, is one of the greatest examples of 'newspeak', as is the general public's unquestioning acceptance of our attacking of Iraq as being a 'pre-emptive' strike.

Until the government/corporate enterprise is broken up and the majority of the American people are willing to stand up and demand actual democracy (not merely employment opportunities in the corporate/governmental armed services), we will not have democracy, and the US will end up being a 450+ year social experiment that failed to pass the test of time.

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