Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vic Swan

He was an amazing man. Unfortunately he lost his battle and passed away. But damn was he one hell of a fighter.

(This is the last poem Vic ever wrote on Myspace):

key west lime freak uncle shelby dr suess hat wearin swear me in 100% 'American' the 4thofbang the whistlepop sparkleglee redwhite andblue kabOOm tiedyeJuly ..and i will let my 'freak flag' fly..

as soon as i can find a box, in the attic,..behind, ..the stair master?.. i know it's here somewhere..

it's been too long unfurled freakie funkystars and fadedworn barsflappin in the freefreaksky..


i will Not, take the christmas lights down, til after the 4th.

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