Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GBE2: WEEK #20 (10-2-11 to 10-8-11): BALANCE


Being the owner of a very addictive personality, it has been and still continues to be a long hard road towards balance. After my daughter was born and I was diagnosed with skitzo-effective disorder due to my hormones being so out of whack after having a baby, things are that much harder to balance. As far as my daughter is concerned: she's Autistic, so there must be balance and order in her life at all times. One change to her routine that seems trivial to myself or anyone else can be the cause of tears and/or temper tantrums.

Because of having a child, I really have no choice but to try to make sure my schedule is in balance and in order. I have a bunch of duties pasted to the fridge, as well as the planner in my purse. I do a mental check of what I'm doing at one point in the week to assess if I have appointments that I have an obligation to fulfill, or if I have to make sure to pen in some time to myself. If it's all work and no play, I posses a short leash: the more stressed out I become the shorter the leash.

One of the things that helps me keep as balanced as I can is singing. I do it for me, and while I plan on recording some songs at one point in my life, I still make sure to sing an hour a day during whatever time I have to myself, with nothing to distract me.

If I catch myself as being too stressed out, I think of a way to calm me down. I do what I have to do in order to get through the day, fair and balanced.


  1. I would say you are doing all you can! Balance comes and goes for all of us, but maintaining a leash is a good start.
    Good job. :)

  2. Hands full and still juggling. You should be proud of yourself. Keep on singing.

  3. Singing really does bring balance. I'm not even any good at it, but I feel great singing. Crap mood--gone. :O)