Thursday, November 3, 2011


GBE2 Week #24 (10-30-11 to 11-5-11):

This is one of the many movies I think of when it comes to "popularity". Usually they are written so that the underdog wins out in the end in some way, but none where the protagonist does not have a happy ending, not off the top of my head, anyway.

I suppose the best way to describe me in high school is not by a character in a movie, but a cartoon character:

Daria, the best thing that ever came out of Beavis and Butthead, in my opinion.

From wikipedia:
The character Daria Morgendorffer first appeared as a recurring character in Beavis and Butt-head, which featured two comically ignorant and vulgar teenage boys. MTV senior vice president and creative director Abby Terkuhle explained that when that show "became successful, we ... created Daria's character because we wanted a smart female who could serve as the foil." During production of Beavis and Butt-head, MTV representatives approached story editor Glenn Eichler, offering a spin-off series for Daria. A five-minute pilot, "Sealed with a Kick", was created by Eichler and Beavis and Butt-head staffer Susie Lewis. MTV gave a greenlight for a series order of 13 episodes. Eichler and Lewis became executive producers.
The first episode of Daria aired on March 3, 1997, about nine months before Beavis and Butt-head ended its original run. Titled "Esteemsters", it featured Daria and her previously unseen family members settling into their new hometown of Lawndale (having moved from Highland, the setting for Beavis and Butt-head). Now the central character, Daria's caustic and sardonic personality became stronger.
The series ran for five seasons, with 13 episodes each, and two TV movies were also produced. The first movie, Is It Fall Yet?, aired in 2000. MTV planned a six-episode sixth season, but at Eichler's request this project was cut down to a second movie, Is It College Yet?, which served as the series finale in January 2002.

I didn't have a popular, self-absorbed sister, but I did have a popular, self-absorbed best friend who was my version of "Quinn", Daria's younger sister. She still is just as self-absorbed as she ever was, and also doesn't care whom she hits on, even though she's married and you're not supposed to go after other people's boyfriends/husbands. I have been "the other woman" before, but there was only one instance in which I knew the guy I was fooling around with had a girlfriend. (The guy cheats on every girl he has ever been with, including me, so trust and believe I made sure to always use protection with him and when our eventual fallout happened, and recently we had our last one, I get tested.)

I digress.

The only popularity I ever concern with is when I've done something meaningful, something that benefits others in some way. I like my popularity to come from people who genuinely like me, not huge crowds of people who have no idea what kind of person I really am, and more importantly, do not care. I am never in the mood for sycophants or mindless drones. I want genuine connections with my readers.


  1. genuine connections YUP thats GBE 2!!! hehe LOVE THIS..adore YOU!

  2. Daria rocks! Though I have to admit to a sneaking fondness for B & B.

    Well, I genuinely like your post - does that count? :-)

  3. @Beverly D.: Did you see the new episode of Beavis and Butthead yet?

  4. Nicely done! How could anyone not like you? That would be my only question!

  5. Great post girl.
    Genuinly loved it ;-)
    In Europe we didn't have the spin off with Daria, I'll check it now on streaming
    The Dolls Factory

  6. I find you pretty likable too. :D Great post.


  7. I loved Daria! And yep, if there aren't genuine connections, then it's just not worth the time.

  8. @Word Nerd: I still wish she never left the air!

  9. Popular kids don't have anything to write about!
    As always, enjoyed your post.