Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paved Paradise

Written :12/09/08

I sat in that bar by myself, in my hometown, alone, having a few drinks and doing a lot of thinking. Basically what I came up with was this; I do not want to raise my daughter in this town. I hated growing up here. It's going to be even worse for my own kid to grow up here. All they do is pave paradise (a.k.a. any sort of vegetation that kids can play in) and put up parking lot after parking lot. There used to be a bit of forest not very far from me. We would build tree forts and play all sorts of games there. It is always wonderful to have some forest to play in growing up, even if I was insanely allergic to poison ivy. That forest was all taken away. There is also an abandoned drive-in movie theater right in front of my house. It ran when up until I was about six or seven I believe; it had to be torn down because of all the damn honking that would go on during the midnight movies. I wouldn't be able to make it to school the next day sometimes because I would get woken up and not be able to get back to sleep because they used to make so much noise. They want to turn that into blocks of stores. It seems like anyone who runs New Jersey wants to just pave it over anymore. Soon enough we'll all have to walk around with oxygen tanks strapped to our backs. It'll be The Turnpike State; no more gardens will grace its soil ever again. Not when there is so much money to be had creating retirement communities.

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