Saturday, December 31, 2011

The "Saw" Franchise

Annoying Orange: Saw

Annoying Orange: Saw II

The most interesting thing about the "Saw" movies are the torture devices. It may sound weird but I find torture devices to be really interesting. Mostly because not too long ago it was ok to use such devices (I don't know if "water boarding" was going on during the Spanish Inquisition and whatnot, but there are times from long ago that make water boarding look like a trip to Hersey Park.)

The Saw franchise isn't the scariest movies I have seen, but I have to say I do like Tobin Bell a lot more. I had originally saw him in an episode of the TV show "Charmed" where he played a blind man who's son kills gypsies and steals their eyes so that Tobin's character can get the power that comes from that particular gypsy clan. He had a great voice for horror and he fit in very effortlessly. I also loved Scott Patterson being in a few of them because I am a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan. Hearing Luke use the "F" word was definitely a change of pace!

I debated seeing the final chapter in 3D: I wound up not going. I think I'll save my "3D movie money" on something else.

All in all I found the Saw franchise not so much as a classic horror collection but more as "torture porn". If you've ever seen the movies "I Know Who Killed Me" or "Audition", those are other examples of torture porn.

10 Most Frightening Torture Techniques from the Middle Ages:

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