Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughts on Thirty Updated

Written Monday, December 6th 2010 

 Well, 28 doesn't feel too shabby to me. I really am for the most part. I honestly am just in awe of the fact that I will be 30 before I know it. I really amazes me sometimes, because as your body gets older, inside you do not feel as though you have changed much but your body is always ready and willing to give you a reality check. I am just wishing for better health in the New Year- my body really got beat down with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

 I hope I have energy to play more with my kid and to keep house better and of course to write consistently in my paper journals at least. I love how the volumes of my diary are piling up. I cannot even describe what it is like to sit and look through them every time I get the chance. I do not do it often, usually around the time of my birthday I'll pull out the big container of diaries and notebooks. Seeing my life go by at the turn of the page-it may sound narcissistic, but that truly is my favorite type of reading.

UPDATE: 12/15/2011

My chronic fatigue comes and goes.  I think a lot of it had to do with the amount of a certain medication I was taking that was causing excessive drowsiness on top of my already having CFS.  Now that I only take that medicine at night, I've seen myself start to improve.  Now if I could just stop catching colds from Mini Me I'd be all set!  Lucky for me I got my flu shot already because I have a feeling this is going to be a rough winter.

As far as  being 29- it isn't all that bad.  All I have to do now is to make sure I save up money for my 30th because I really only celebrate milestone bdays with a big party.  When you've had a near death experience at 17, the milestone birthdays are really important.  They're even more special now that I get to share them with my daughter.

What is CFS?

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