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Halloween and H2 directed by Rob Zombie

I have seen "House of 1,000 Corpses" as well as "The Devil's Rejects" (I like "The Devil's Rejects" a lot better than House. I just love the "B" movie exploitation feel.) I personally became a fan of Rob Zombie as a directer after seeing these movies. Even though I am a fan, when I heard he was going to tap into "remakes", I was apprehensive. A lot of flicks that have been remade suck. But Malcolm McDowell was in both movies, so in the end I had to see it. I can't really say anything bad about the remakes even though I was afraid they were going to be sub par. I have not seen the originals yet so I don't know yet if I'll like the originals more than the Rob Zombie remakes. I'm looking forward to seeing the originals.

Halloween trailer:

From Wiki:

Halloween is a 2007 American slasher film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. The film is a remake/reimagining of the 1978 horror film of the same name, the first in the rebooted Halloween film series and the ninth Halloween film in total. The film stars Tyler Mane as the adult Michael Myers,Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Sam Loomis, and Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie StrodeDaeg Faerch portrays a ten-year-old Michael Myers. Rob Zombie's "reimagining" follows the premise of John Carpenter's original, with Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode and her friends on Halloween night. Zombie's film goes deeper into the character's psyche, trying to answer the question of what drove him to kill people, whereas in Carpenter's original film Michael did not have an explicit reason for killing.
Working from Carpenter's advice to "make [the film] his own",[2] Zombie chose to develop the film as both a prequel and a remake, allowing for more original content than simply re-filming the same scenes. Despite mostly negative reviews, the film, which cost $15 million to make,[1] went on to gross $80,208,039 worldwide, making it the highest grossing film in the Halloween franchise in unadjusted U.S. dollars. Zombie followed the film with a sequel,Halloween II, in 2009.

Halloween 2 trailer:

From Wiki:
Halloween II is a 2009 American horror film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. The film is a sequel to Zombie's 2007 remake of Halloween(1978), and the second film in the rebooted Halloween film series and the tenth Halloween film in total. Picking up where the 2007 remake ended, and then jumping ahead one year, Halloween II follows Laurie Strode as she deals with the aftermath of the previous film's events, Dr. Loomis who is trying to capitalize on those events by publishing a new book that chronicles everything that happened, and Michael Myers as he continues his search for Laurie so that he can reunite with his sister. The film sees the return of lead cast members Malcolm McDowellScout Taylor-Compton, and Tyler Mane, who portray Dr. Loomis, Laurie Strode, and Michael Myers in the 2007 film, respectively.
The sequel was first announced at the 30 Years of Terror Convention, which was held in 2008. Shortly after the release of the 2007 remake, Zombie expressed that he was not going to make another Halloween film. After more than a year of unsuccessful attempts to draft a script for a sequel, Bob andHarvey Weinstein, and Malek Akkad secured a contract for Zombie, who had a renewed interest in the film, to write and direct. For Halloween II, Zombie decided to focus more on the connection between Laurie and Michael, and the idea they share similar psychological problems. Zombie wanted the sequel to be more realistic and violent than its 2007 predecessor. For the characters of Halloween II, it is about change. Zombie wanted to look at how the events of the first film affected the characters. Zombie also wanted to show the connection between Laurie and Michael, and provide a glimpse into each character's psyche. Filming primarily took place in Georgia, which provided Zombie with a tax incentive as well as the visual look the director was going for with the film. When it came time to provide a musical score, Zombie had trouble finding a place to include John Carpenter's original Halloween theme music. Although Carpenter's theme was used throughout Zombie's 2007 film, the theme was only included in the final shot of this film.
Halloween II was officially released on August 28, 2009 in North America, and was met with a negative reception from critics. On October 30, 2009 it was re-released in North America to coincide with the Halloween holiday weekend. The original opening of the film grossed less than the 2007 remake, with approximately $7 million. The film would go on to earn $33,392,973 in North America, and $5,925,616 in foreign countries giving Halloween II a worldwide total of $39,318,589. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray, with a theatrical version and director's cut of the film offered.

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