Sunday, February 12, 2012


Jenna Fisher from the American version of  the television show "The Office" (who was married to the director James Gunn at the time) made a cameo.  James Gunn is the brother of Sean Gunn, who played "Kirk" in TV series "The Gilmore Girls".

From Wiki:

Slither is a 2006 science fiction-horror-comedy film produced by Gold Circle Films and Strike Entertainment, released by Universal, written and directed byJames Gunn, and starring Nathan FillionElizabeth BanksMichael RookerGregg HenryTania Saulnier and Jenna Fischer, and is produced by Paul Brooks and Eric Newman. Slither is James Gunn's directorial debut.

meteor housing a malevolent alien parasite called the Long One crashes into the town of Woodsville. While frolicking in the woods with Brenda (James), local big shot car dealer Grant Grant (Rooker) is subsequently infected and killed by the parasite. The parasite takes over his body and absorbs his consciousness and memories. With the alien now in control of his body, 'Grant' begins to slowly change into a hideous sluglike monster.

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