Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting Down to April Fool's Day

Before I know it, Lexi will be five.  I can't believe that she's in school and she's going to be five!

(Lexi at her 1st birthday party)

Lexi at the park with my BFF Jo

At Aunt Kelly's house (my sis Kel's cat hiding)

Lexi at Six Flags:

I've been acting like a typical mom and looking misty-eyed at all her baby pictures.  She was never petite even as a newborn.  She sprouted and continues to sprout fast.

We're having a very small party at McDonald's this year, and I've managed to get a game for us to play along with the Play Place.  It's a Spongebob theme.  I ordered all the decorations and party favors online and I'll pick up Mylar balloons and maybe a "birthday girl" T shirt for Mini Me if they have them at Party City.

I'll have lots of pictures and videos to post and share.


  1. Oh so sweet! I'm sure the party will be fun-filled! She must be a very proud daughter to have a very loving mother like you.