Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letters To Addiction: Update 1

I have to go to some really dark places in order to write this book.  It won't be a very thick book, but it will be powerful.  Places that I myself haven't visited in years because I had been so desperate to move on from them (especially what happened in middle school and four years ago).  It all comes back up like a river that was hidden behind a dam that broke apart.

My life has never and will never be easy.  No matter how much I disguise it in my short stories for this project, no matter how much I pepper it with semi-autobiographical content, it will not change the fact that I was meant to be tested over and over.  It usually takes a woman to hit her 30's in order to really be comfortable in their skin.  So many women and men just never seem to stop allowing what other people say or do affect them.  That is a big reason in the stories I write.

I have wasted so much time in the trenches of my own addictions, and I refuse to allow myself to ever fall back down into them.

 I know I'm making this post sound emo, but my journey is much uglier than I let on.  I'm saving that for the book.

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