Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kevin Smith: Facebook Jester

I've been following Kevin Smith's Facebook page and he is posting pictures from his past:


Continuing with the series of humiliating photos
from my past made public in an effort to offer
the broken, the beaten and the damned proof that
shit gets better (and might even work out for the best)...

Submitted for your approval is this image of a young
Kev Smith, circa 1988, at the one and only TOGA PARTY
he ever attended. It's a toga he might wear again soon,
at the SMORGY on Jan 26 & 27th!

With the plug out of the way, we return to
the Tale of the Toga Photo...
I've been acting like that ever since Sandy ripped through my state.   I know how horrible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is, and I take it very seriously.

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