Sunday, January 6, 2013

Extortion: the way cowards fight

**IMPORTANT** It is not often that I ask my readers to boycott someone-but if you know me well enough I don't cower to extortionists. I verbally slit their little piggy throats and turn them into bacon and pork chops. Why is it that the people who are supposed to have America's best interest at heart, do the most ruthless and disgusting things, not just in the dark but the by the light of day?

  Icarus, one of the writers of IACLWE posted  who is dealing with someone who is threatening to post personal info and worse.
 *CORRECTION: One of the original admins of Americans Against The Tea Party 
won ownership of this FB page over internet bully Lou ColagiovanniIcarus for all intents and purposes is just the messenger, and the new owner of AATTP is the one getting the escalating harassment and bullying.*
This is Icarus's statement:
 Anyone who has ever interacted with me understands hopefully one thing - I hate bullies. I despise them. I firmly live by the conviction that if someone wants to push you around - you punch them in the face and knock out their teeth. We all have a responsibility to stand firm against those who would threaten and intimidate ... at any cost. One's principles shouldn't be negotiable.

So let me tell you a story. There is one person on the internet (and that's a big place) whom I really dislike with a sort of visceral abandon. I don't like mean people. This guy likes to use a lot of fake profiles that keep getting blocked by FB. He's a "writer" for who has burned bridges with nearly everyone he has ever dealt with.

He makes his living writing articles; I don't know if he has another job working at Burger King or whatever ... it's hard to say. But recently - a very popular FB page named Americans Against the Tea Party went through a dispute over "ownership". That's always an unsettling thing to see and in this case - one person lost ... a person whom I have nothing but nice things to say about. The person who "won" - did so because FB picked his side of the dispute and he was one of the founding admins of the page. It's like a divorce and divorces are ugly.

I bring up AATTP because the "writer" in question makes most of his money through sharing articles with the former moderator for AATTP. Now that there is a new "owner" - the "writer" has lost most of his income stream because the new admin won't share his articles.

So - according to screenshots by this new "owner" - the "writer" decided to threaten him. According to the screenshots and the article written about it - the "writer" said new "owner" needs to start sharing his articles or else. He says he would release this person's personal information - for himself and his family. In fact - he has already done that now. The writer says that he would personally go to this new owner's town and share stories with his family and church. He says that people will be calling his home and work.

The "writer" says that he's going to harass him. He says, "I will squeeze every inch of your life and everyone you know. It's what I do, and I'm very good at it."

The "writer" uses a fake account under the name Jamal Lewis; I know because I've spoken to him on this account. There is a term for this action: extortion. And it's a felony. You can see the screenshot here and I'll put the link to the story in the comments.

The name of the Facebook page that is responsible for all of this has deleted all of their posts on the matter (there were SEVERAL) wherein the page owner's personal info was shared. I normally don't get involved in these types of issues but this isn't just a matter of petty FB squabbles; we're talking about a real person being threatened here. It's unconscionable.

If you think this is bogus - tell them so at We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. That's the page that's doing the extortion. As I said - most of the posts have been taken down but there are still a few.

If you know me - you know integrity is big with me. This is the truth.

If you are people you know are heavy into politics on Facebook, pass this along. Don't even bother telling this person off; you'll see what he's capable of once you read this.
Important Screen Caps from Icarus's post:
 Apparently you can Google Lou Colagiovanni and see more of his f*ckery.

  Americans Against The Tea Party 
  Lou Colagiovanni is also at the following Facebook Page "We Survived Bush.  You Will Survive Obama"
  That's the page that's doing the extortion.  A lot of the extortion occurred there even though a lot of posts have been deleted as a means for said bully to cover their tracks.

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