Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where You Belong

For wild animals it seems pretty easy.  If you are a lion or lioness, you belong to a pride.  If you are a coyote, you belong to a pack.  If you are a fish, you belong to a school.  If you are a goose, you belong to a flock.  If you are an ant, you belong to a colony.  There is no second guessing: destiny takes a hand and like the first day of school, assigns you your seat, and you just sit there.  You go where your group goes.  You take care of everyone in your group and fend off any intruders to your territory.

What about those times when wild animals decide that their group does not have to only be comprised of animals who are in the same bloodline?  A tiger in a zoo becoming close to its trainer, a pig having no problem nursing a stray kitten, a giraffe giving a house cat a bath.

How are we to be expected to stay in the compartments society wants to cage us in when even God's creatures break the rules from time to time? 

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