Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ding Dong, Avon Lady!

  My daughter Lexi hasn't caught on how to open the screen door to get back in the house when she's done playing on the porch, so if she sees that I'm not in the living room but in my bedroom instead listening to her through the window, or one of my parents or I aren't in the living room because one of us had to pee real quick or get a drink and/or snack, then it's fine for her to ring the doorbell, which is the reason I taught her how to do it..  But no, she thinks she's cute because she spends way too much time hanging out with me.  She taught herself how to play "ding dong ditch".  HOW, I have no idea.  She's NEVER seen anyone play that game.  I think that's one of her "Autistic super hero powers": she finds ways to be a smartass all on her own before she even knows what the name of it is!

Maybe we should get one of those "musical ring tone" door bells.  Or the door bells they were selling on Saturday Night Live:

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