Friday, July 11, 2014

Girl Crush: #IzabellaMiko

Who'd a thought the hottie from "Coyote Ugly" could be so convincing as the embodiment of the evils that are pro-ana and thinspiration sites? The Lifetime movie "Starving in Suburbia" is the best movie about pro-ana and pro-ana/thinspiration web sites I have ever seen, and Izabella really captured what happens to your body and your mind as you fall down the rabbit hole of side effects due to malnutrition and what lengths "hardcore" anorexic's will go to keep their disease as hidden as possible.  It is a rushed version of the path to becoming anorexic and then getting worse and worse, but it's the ending that is really the important part of the whole movie, when the lead character Hannah, meets the founder of the thinspo/pro-ana site in person.  It shows how out of touch with reality you can become when you have people who think that there is no such thing as thin enough.  First your fat cells are depleted of the energy your body needs to keep your organs functioning.  Then it shuts down into starvation mode.  Once the body realizes it's definitely going to die unless it eats something, your brain tells your body to start eating your muscles.  Your organs.  Your brain.  Anything to keep you from dropping dead from cardiac arrest, like those two models who made the news everywhere because they starved themselves to death. Ana is not a lifestyle, it is a death sentence, and there are millions of people who walk this earth who starve every single day and cannot really do much about it who probably want to punch every anorexic who throws food away to hide that they didn't eat their meal, and every bulimic for voluntarily throwing up what they eat in order to be what those millions of people who have no choice but to waste away.

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