Monday, August 11, 2014

Edwardian/Victorian Styles and Fashions

To add to my "Anne of Green Gables"/L.M. Montgomery kick, I decided to look up hair style tutorials on Youtube to see if I could find some Edwardian/Victorian styles that not just Anne and the other "adult" female characters in the book wore, but Maud herself, since she set the series in the time period she lived in.

I'm on the "kick" not just because it's one of my favorite book series (though I haven't read all of them yet), but because I'm a HUGE fan of Megan Follows (the main reason why I LOVE the TV show "Reign").  She narrated a few "Anne" audiobooks way back in the day, and also has lent her voice to one of the first "vampire romance novels", I suppose you could call it.  I can't remember if it was written before "Dracula", but it's actually a story about a female vampire who falls in love with a female human.  Yeah, that's right, it's a paranormal lesbian romance novel!  Beat that, Twilight! Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, the author of this book, sure had balls!

  I had some luck and found a bunch of tutorials, even though I can't try them myself since I chopped off a lot of my hair because it was fried, dead, chemically damaged beyond repair so now I gave myself one of those layered "messy" haircuts and I have my original hair color back (medium brown with lots of red), and I refuse to color it until grey hairs come in (which won't start for about another 20 years or so).  I've been blessed with good hair from both sides of the family, even though mine is more delicate than my sister's when it's long, which means no teasing, which seems essential for Edwardian/Victorian styles.  Even if I could, my hair sucks up hair products like a sponge, so curling it and getting it to not fall flat immediately takes SO much hairspray I'd wind up being an environmental hazard and fined for helping widen the hole in the o-zone.

There are styles from this era that aren't too complicated, especially compared to the styles my Mom would rock in the 50's and 60's.  Or so I thought they were really complicated until one day she said "Katie, that's a hair piece" about some of her photos, which makes much more sense.  I'm still not attempting that "flip" she did for her high school graduation pic:

There's a reason I love makeup but don't bother with hairstyles.

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