Sunday, November 16, 2014

Deep thoughts #hungergames edition

Wouldn't President Snow's granddaughter be thrown into the reaping when she turns 12, or does she get a get-out-of-jail-free card from the ages 12-18?

I find it insulting that Donald Sutherland insists that President Snow loves Katniss.  What the hell kind of logic is that?  As a big fan of his I admit I am very disappointed he sees it that way.  Men do not beat or kill their women because they love them, they do it because in their world of blood and roses, they grew up watching their father beat or murder their mother.  Violence and abuse is a cycle.  President Snow was one years old when  The Hunger Games began.  He grew up being forced to watch children die.  If he truly loved the people of Panem, he would have stopped the games dead in its tracks.

  You don't kill or harm the people you love.  You do not make speeches about how much you love and only want to protect your country and then commit genocide within it because a 16 year old girl made you look (rightfully so) like the piece of shit that you are for not breaking the cycle.

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