Sunday, December 7, 2014

I turned 31 yesterday #oldgeezer

I turned 31 yesterday.  Pretty relaxing birthday due to not having to be a caretaker.  I slept for five straight hours.  My parents took care of Lexi while I slept.  Then I ate a huge bowl of shrimp fried rice and had me some vanilla birthday cake AND a chocolate and vanilla cupcake.  I got birthday money and got myself the first season of "Sifl and Olly" on instant video.

Actually it was a little vanilla cake surrounded by vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, all with vanilla buttercream frosting. I'm actually not a huge fan of frosting: I never could understand how "grown ups" were always insisting that kids always just want the frosting, or people who HAD to have frosting in the fridge at all times.  If you're really not into it like I am, it can taste so sickeningly SWEET and it makes you queasy.  I have the same reaction when I used to watch "Big Loser" and they would have mountains of donuts as a temptation.  I do love a nice cake or donut, but binge eating that much sugar makes turns my face green.

Today I spent all my birthday money getting odds and ends I needed at Rite Aid with Lexi.  It was actually a really nice walk today.  Clear blue skies, not too cold, it had finally stopped raining and everything was almost dried off.  Best of all: it was QUIET.  I got myself some clearance cosmetics that I'm testing right now.

I guess I'll update this with pictures later.

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