Monday, December 29, 2014

So THAT Happened....

We had to get a motel room on the 26th because we had a huge, solid clog in our plumbing and our yard had to be dug up and we would have had no running water, no showers and no flushing for about 24 hours.  Thanks to a military discount we got to have two rooms.  Lexi thought it was a party, what with the vending machines and the big window and having a bed to herself to bounce on for hours while I got a bed all to myself.  She ran out of the room a couple of times and the first time I just ran after her and forgot my key, with neither of us wearing shoes and her in bare feet and had to trek over to the lobby to get another key.  D'OH!

We also had a "slumber party" google hangout for a bit, and while my daughter was sitting next to me some dude wrote this:


I did get to watch Pee Wee's Christmas Special with my Mom for the first time in a few years and got to catch up on some blogging.

 Thank God for hotel wifi.

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