Wednesday, March 4, 2015

another state of emergency snowstorm!

We have the essentials: bread, milk, v8 splash, sierra mist, peanut butter eggs, ice cream, popcorn, chips, bagels n cream cheese, peanut butter, mac n cheese, etc.  In a state of emergency you need REAL food!  (We already have veggies.  Even a junk food & chocolate addict like me can't live just on synthetic food.  I'm not Johnny Slash on "Square Pegs".)  

Did you know the person who played him, Merritt Butrick, died at 29 of AIDS?  That's such a shame cuz I love that show!  It was a precursor to "My So-Called Life", and they were both cancelled after one season.  Instead of grunge Square Pegs were about two girls who were also on the parameter of the high school caste system and dealing with the angst of feeling like because they would never be popular no matter how hard they tried, only MSCL dealt with much more hard-hitting topics and Angela Chase didn't care about popularity, but the angst of dealing with being in love for the first time to someone who really messed with her emotions.

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