Sunday, May 24, 2015

it's sprinkler weather

lexi and i hit the store after sprinkler time was over.  when we were at the check out, an older black lady was next to us and lexi decided to grab her hand so she could kiss it and look at her rings and nails.  she sees a nice manicure and gets all "GURL, WHERE YOU GET YO' NAILS DID?!"  i apologized and explained that lexi's autistic, and the lady was really nice about it.  everyone who likes kids treats her like she's a celebrity.  you should see how much her teachers from her old school (preschool + kindergarten) treat her like a celebrity!  it's really funny how popular she is.  WAY more popular than certain washed-up reality TV stars who are forced to take jobs out of the country and have no problem not being around their child enough even though their child is currently going through the most important years of their life.

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