Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Team Internet & E! Online (cross-posted)

(also posted to my review blog)

As a blogger and someone who also relies on the internet in order to make any kind of extra money I can, this article and the snarkiness that followed from E! Online about the Teen Choice Awards and in particular the deliberate shade thrown at the fact that there are more and more categories for internet/web based shows on award shows in general, this wasn't a sarcastic opinion piece, it was a deliberate attack against those who chose to make their own success and do not allow and do not have the need to allow Big Media make it for them.  Just because you're a part of "Team Internet" does not automatically mean you're just some random stereotype "yokle" or "Jackass" wannabe who got a million hits on Youtube for getting kicked in the nuts: people become their own brand entirely on the internet, with no help from television PR campaigns.

We are in the age of "intellectual property", and the old saying about survival still stands: "adapt or die".







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