Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shoe Shopping

I can't believe that the sneakers I buy for Lexi for the third year in a row are sold out on Amazon!  They're uniform sneakers for God's sake!  I'm not buying her some pair with stupid clashing colors that don't go with anything she owns!  I don't dress up anymore but I treat Lexi like a dress-up doll whenever I can.  It's just what you do when you have a daughter.  I'd rather have her dress in all black then have her in tacky clashing colors, unless she was capable of dressing herself and chose tacky clashing colors because she likes them.  Little kids usually like bright colors.

Lexi wears a lot of leggings as well.

They're comfortable, less expensive, and a lot easier to clean then jeans, even though she wears those too.

They also come in awesome patterns, and I'm going to go for My Little Pony and cartoon pattern leggings this year.  Crazy T-shirts too!

Since Lexi has this blonde naturally wavy and curly hair it's fun to dress her in 80's outfits, esp. 80's Madonna stuff.  I actually dressed like that for a few years after she was born.  I still love graphic tee's.

  I think I'll get her a wrestling shirt as well.

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