Friday, December 24, 2010

Daria & Me

My sis got me the complete series of Daria for my birthday. She wrapped it up in a shirt box and crumpled up some newspaper all around it to make it feel like she gave me clothes for my bday. It was really cute.

I was Daria in high school, but I was not always so anti-school spirit as much as she was. If it weren't for shows like Daria and My So-Called life, my time as a high school student would have been that much more miserable. I was perfectly content to be at home and read books and occasionally see my more eccentric friends, I was never really a "joiner". Now that I'm older I am more social than I ever was, and it has caused me to see how much I was missing out on. There's nothing wrong when you like to stay at home and read or watch movies, but I took it to the point where I would barely go out with friends or try to date. I finally broke through some of my own walls and decided to try dating in my junior year of college. It was as fun, but it was much more complicated than it was fun.

I have had my share of relationships this past decade, and the only conclusion that I ever really come to is that for the most part, I am content with being more of a "loner". It's my daughter and I, and so far, not having a man doesn't make me feel strange anymore. Being a single mother is exhausting but the more time goes by, I am content with it being just her and I.

I just really need to remember that as long as I remember to come up for air and see my family and friends now and again, I'll be alright.

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