Thursday, December 30, 2010

Freedom Writers

MTV is showing this movie, "Freedom Writers" starring Hillary Swank, which is perfect because I have been meaning to see this movie but I just never could find the right time.

This movie reminds me of my high school. There is some serious gang activity in the town my high school is from, and I relate to this movie so much. I have been told I should be a teacher, and this movie really makes me wish I was. The racial tension could get pretty heated in this movie, and there was some racial tensions in my high school. Mostly white people trying to be hardcore because they're scared. Bullshit posturing.

I have never been afraid to call gangs for what they are: bunch of insecure people who get their jollies through guns and violence. Some even initiate their infant children into whatever gang the parent is in. Ever heard of "Born into Brothels"? This is born into street gangs.

A while ago I read a blog about two different street gangs fighting. The two streets where mere inches apart from each other. 5th street fighting 7th street (for an example). That's how ingrained this lifestyle is in Philly (I live right outside of it in NJ) and gang violence trickles down from Philly and NYC on a yearly basis. It's the same thing over and over again, and it never ends. Gang wars are never over.

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