Thursday, December 30, 2010

Burn Notice fan fiction

The breeze ruffled Louise's skirt as she attached a 45 into the holster that was embracing her thigh. She shook her hair and applied some gel to get her curls to play nice. A slight grin was visible from the mirror she was standing in front of. Her dress was a strategy of fabric. She checked her make up one last time and grabbed her keys and hotel key card. Her Mary Janes echoed down the hotel hall as she exited the Comfort Inn she had been renting. Three days straight of staring out of a window and she finally saw him walking into the restaurant that was adjacent to the hotel.

She made her way to the restaurant and did a quick search for Michael. Little to the left little to the right-ah! There he was, nursing an overly iced mojito. One of the tools of the trade: ice up your drink and ask for another once you've drank halfway down. He was sitting with his arms on the bar and his hand massaging his left temple, his hand blocked his view of her, so Louise made a quiet trip to his bar stool. Michael dropped his and and after a few beats, looked at the woman he caught in the corner of his eye. She smiled slightly at his double-take.

" it really you?"

Louise smiled warmly and sat herself on the chair next to him.

"Well well well. I thought you were dead, Mike, last I heard about you. It has been a while, hasn't it?" she purred.

Louise sat with Michael, reminiscing the different jobs they had done together before Louise had been burned.

"I was livid at first. Hell, I know how it goes. Burn and turn, right? You know all about that, don't you Mike?"

Micheal just smiled at her and whispered "It is so good to see you again. I missed that smile."

Louise blushed slightly and took a sip from her Cosmo.

"Then once I had some time to calm down, I realized that being burned is probably the best thing to have happened to me. Now I can finally have the life that I always wanted: nice house in the suburbs, hopefully married with at least two kids. Her curse and become a blessing in hindsight.

"A part of me is jealous of you, I must admit" Mike said. "Did you ever find that knight in shining armor to take you away to your gated community paradise?"

"Not yet" Louise replied.. I still have two years before I turn 30, so I want to get my kicks while I'm still young enough to get them."

With that, she reached out her hand and grazed Michael's thigh slowly and deliberately.

"Now that you mention it, I could use a bit of fun" Michael said, leaning in to plant a slow, soft kiss to her neck. He chuckled when he heard her signature moan: that is all it ever took for him to drive her crazy-just a brush of his lips at her neck. Her pussy would liquefy on site. He grazed her neck with his teeth and heard her sigh.

"Where's your room?" he whispered into her ear.

She took his hand and led the way to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed she grabbed his neck and kissed him as fiercely as she could. Then she pressed the button to her floor.

They slightly stumbled out of the elevator and Louise lead him to her room. She was drunk with his kisses so it took a minute for her to get the key card swiped correctly. Once she managed to get the door open, Michael lifted her up and carried her to the bed. He shut the door behind him.

He climbed on top of her and whispered "I sure as hell ain't dead yet".

In one feel swoop, he unzipped is pants and found his way inside. He filled her to the hilt with that delicious cock of his.

Louise gasped and grasped at the headboards, grasping at anything so she could move against him.

"There's that 'fuck me' face I love so much" he teased as he looked down at her. She ran his hands down his back and grabbed his hips and started grinding more deliberately.

Michael pulled back, put her legs on his shoulders, keeping the holster she had on her thigh, and made her look at him. He then licked his thumb, slowly, and placed it on her clit. He sworled it around, slowly, torturing her, and she couldn't do anything but smile in the mist of it.

"He needs to hear me beg" she thought


He grinned at her and picked up the pace. His dick slid in and out of her while his thumb worked its magic.

"Don't stop!" she whispered.

Five seconds later, she was cumming all over his dick, getting it slick with her juices.

He picked up his pace and having to listen to her moan his name over and over took him right to the edge. Louise felt his warm cum on her stomach. She smiled and swirled her fingers around it and licked her fingers as if she were eating cake batter.

Micheal laid down next to her and gathered Louise into his arms. Before she knew it, Louise was fast asleep. Michael delicately extracted his arm from under her neck and got dressed quietly.

Louise stirred in her sleep, and Michael took a minute to watch her. He had forgotten how gorgeous she looked while she was sleeping. He laid a soft kiss on her forehead, and let himself out.