Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Same as it ever was....

I guess certain people I wasn't meant to be friends with for the rest of our lives. I tried and tried to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this one particular person:

~God knows what she's said about me behind my back the whole time we've known each other,

~they have pushed me around my entire life, mistaking my kindness for weakness. I am not weak. I am simply a Pacifist. I fight with my words, not my fists. I really try not to be cruel, but there are times when I can't take someone's BS anymore and I have to just walk away.

~I know a lot of the things this person said about me growing up. I chose to ignore it in hopes that they would grow out of being two-faced. They haven't.

~I love this particular person, but I am done catering to a diva. Honestly, I can't stand divas, especially the hard core divas that think their farts smell like roses. They make me want to stick a fountain pen in my eye and swirl it around.

I have plenty of friends and a great life, her name is Alexis. She's my heart, and I paid dearly for her, but that's alright with me, because all I ever wanted was a daughter. I will have a ton of detours thrown at me because I have my daughter now, but the older I get the easier it is to deal with. Day by day: that's all I know about my life from now on.

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