Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So cheesy I can't watch without crackers

I'm sitting here watching "I Love Money" while I catch up with all the birthday wishes on my social media profiles (and there were LOTS of them!), and I can safely say I love cheesy reality TV even more, because reality TV is like a photocopy of a photocopy of itself nowadays. After that one reality show (Meghan wants a Millionaire or some such nonsense) that had a male contestant that was charged with murder after the show, what else is left for media tycoons to come up with? As much as I am afraid to ask that question, I can't help but bring it to the table. My sense of morbid curiosity practically beckons me to see for myself just how bad the latest season of a reality show was compared to its other seasons (if they haven't gotten pulled during the first season-the ones that only make it one season are the ones that seem to be the one reality TV addicts want to watch the most so go figure).

It makes me want to think what is next. Perhaps "My Super Sweet Bar/Batmitzvah?" "For the Love of Carrot Top"? "Let's See You Sweat Crisco"? "Extreme Midget Tossing"?

The horrific possibilities seem endless.

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