Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kiss me on my neck

I can live without sex.

Living without kisses is impossible.

When I kiss, I put everything into it.

I doubt I have ever even really "kissed" anyone, so much as made love with my mouth. I love every second of it, I love to be teased. I love to be aggressive, I love being demure. Every single kiss is a shock to my system and my body craves more of them. With the right person I can kiss for hours.

There are a few men out there that if I were to make out with, I would just melt into a puddle at their feet. Kiss me on my neck....damn that would always bring one hell of a shiver up my spine. The more my neck is kissed the more drunk I become off of them, until the room is spinning and my mind is in a haze.

Getting 'sex' is no problem. But finding a really good kisser? Priceless.

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