Friday, February 4, 2011

Diet Days #6

NJ has been getting a fair amount of snow lately; tomorrow we're supposed to get more. The plows seem to love ignoring the side streets were I live so the roads might get all full of potholes again. Our town just put in a lot of money to replace the plumbing and streets on my block and near me; hopefully it doesn't take them another ten years to finally decide to fix the roads like they did last time if we do get damage on the street.

The temperatures have been pretty cold, the snow isn't melting, thus my cabin fever. I go out for a walk so that I don't get myself all upset about being stuck in the house day after day. Mini Me isn't used to he snow and we don't have a snow suit so she hasn't played in it yet.

Luckily I get to go to the gym today so I'll be out of the house for about two hours. I've been using the treadmill the past week, walking for one hour three days a week. Today I'm going to add some time on the elliptical so I can burn more calories for my hour walk. I've also been utilizing the machines around me: my favorite one is called "The Butt Blaster" and trust me, it lives up to its name. All the machines are making it easier for me to lift and carry my kid, which is a really good thing since Mini Me is a meatball.

I think my lifting and the fact that I gain muscle so easily is the reason I'm not really losing any weight yet. I haven't gained anything which is good.

I can't wait until the pounds come off and I'm back in my "fighting weight", then all the calisthenics will pay off.

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