Thursday, July 14, 2011

GBE #8: The Bakery

The first boy I ever "made it" with's father used to own a bakery. This was back when we were both in high school. I was 16, he was 17. I'm not sure why I picked him as my first-I think the reason was because I thought he was really sexy. He has a twin brother. I've never been attracted to him because they're not identical. I've never "accidentally: made it with his brother, if anyone is wondering. :p

He always said that he could eat any other baked goods except ones from his dad's bakery. Having grown up eating them, I could imagine I would feel the same way. Hell, I get sick looking at a big pile of doughnuts, even though I really like doughnuts.

The bakery is right across the street with our high school. I never stopped into it in all four years of high school so I still have no idea what it looks like.

My father gets doughnuts and scones for us from there now. I don't know about "the boy", but I don't mind eating scones from that bakery every weekend!


  1. All of these posts are making me hungry. Now I want a scone!

  2. Another Jersey girl. Nice! Revealing story. No bakery near my high school, though. Just farms! LOL

  3. Scones and Doughnuts---YUM...I'm with Beth...these posts are making me hungry!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing, Jenn

  4. @SJerZGirl: I'm near a lot of farms too: I'm right below central Jersey but close to Philly.

    @Word Nerd: I haven't had a chance to read other blogs but I can imagine!

    @Jenn: they make theirs with raisins and I don't even particularly like raisins but I love them in those scones!

  5. I would love a scone or doughnut right about now!! Yummy!!


  6. @Kathy29156: They make good bread too i'm addicted to fresh baked bread!