Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sushi Wednesdays

My friend and I's first Sushi Wednesday was last week at a place called Tokyo Blu in Cinaminson New Jersey.

It was my first time having something other than tuna sushi, and I was surprised about how much I liked it since I'm really not much of a fish person besides flounder and maybe codfish.

Here was my main course:

Mostly tuna sushi with some other types of fish thrown in like salmon. I can't stand cooked salmon but raw I really like it.

My friend had a couple of sushi rolls that I want to try on tonight's Sushi Wednesday.

Then there was desert: grean tea tempora ice cream:

it was like a japanese version of fried ice cream, and I was really taken aback at how FREAKIN' YUMMY it was! I love green tea and green tea ice cream is something I wish supermarkets stocked up on. Maybe there's a specialty shop near me; I should look around.

I will update tomorrow on tonight's outing.

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