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February  1st 2011
I'm watching this new show on A&E called "Heavy".  At the beginning of the program it says that "100 million  Americans suffer from debilitating obesity".  One hundred million!  Doesn't that just boggle your mind?!
Even at my heaviest (about 200lbs) my doctor never considered me as obese.  I have a lot of muscle and can gain muscle very easily, so I loose inches fast but my actual scale weight doesn't budge much.
Excessive obesity seems to me like being on death row for doing something you have no choice but to do-eat.  These people I see on this program are under the most intense form of imprisonment I have ever seen in my life.  It is akin to the way a person with a mental illness is a prisoner of their own mind.
The lymphodema that the obese/morbidly obese is actually kind of fascinating to me in a really strange sort of way.  A clinical way, like the way I am fascinated with abnormal psychology and various forms of eating disorders.
When I was younger I was obsessed with anorexia and bulimia- the polar opposite metal illness of obesity.  I was knee-deep in websites and groups about the "lifestyle"of anorexia and bulimia.
I am all for fat positivity.  I do not believe everyone should look like they were molded the exact same way.  I guess I'm grateful I don't live near a place in the world that is warm most of the time because I don't have to worry about looking like a fat cow in comparison to the stick insects that are submerged in climates such as this. I am not hating on the naturally skinny, but you can ask around Hollywood and the more courageous people who don't care about their status will tell you a big part of the reason why so many celebs are so skinny is because the majority of Hollywood (esp. women, since they like to turn it into a game of "whom can be the skinniest and not die") are flat out starving themselves.
I know better than to take on this borderline anorexic lifestyle. I celebrate fuller figured women every chance I get.  I think every size is beautiful, but if someone winds up needing to knock down a wall in order for them to leave the house and go to the hospital: that person as major issues.

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