Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days of Truth Day 15

ITunes Originals – Fiona Apple
ITunes Originals – Fiona Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Day 15: A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life.

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is the woman who saved my life.  I know she got a lot of flack with trying to be  a carbon copy of Tori Amos (rape survivor and piano player), but I've never seen her in that way at all.  I also think that Fiona is a better lyricist than Tori Amos. 

 Back in the days when I used to cut myself, I found her one night while I was secretly listening to my radio in bed instead of sleeping.  I stayed up through the whole interview and didn't get enough sleep, which didn't bother me at all.  All I could think about the next few weeks was "I have to get her album!!!"  

I just think she's beautiful and her lyrics so deep and raw as well as funny and cheeky.  They continue to offer a sweet escape from reality every time I'm lying in bed with my headphones on and my eyes closed.  "Never is a Promise" and "Pale September" are my favorites from her album "Tidal".  "Fast as You Can" and "A Mistake" are my favorite from "When the Pawn" The entire title of this album is: 

When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king
What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight
And he'll win the whole thing 'fore he enters the ring
There's no body to batter when your mind is your might
So when you go solo, you hold your own hand
And remember that depth is the greatest of heights
And if you know where you stand, then you know where to land
And if you fall it won't matter, cuz you'll know that you're right

I am not sure what my favorite song is from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do, so I'll have to update this once I do have a good listen.
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