Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Break Part One

Lexi's last day of school was today.  She came home with all this stuff for playing in the backyard or at a beach: shovel, bukkit, bubbles and a bubble wand.  All of her arts and crafts are with us now as well, along with her father's day gift, which they made for my Grandfather.  I'm not going to be dealing with drama from Lexi's dad so I'm just going to pretend she didn't make that, even though my dad deserves a Father's Day Present more than he does.  He has another kid to get Father's Day presents from anyway.

I hold my tongue a lot about Lexi's dad when I talk about him publicly, but it is what it is regardless of whether or not his feelings get hurt.  He wants all the fun of having a kid without any of the responsibilities.  That kind of mindset is going to bite you in the ass if you hate responsibility as much as he does.  My family and I did everything we could to get Lexi's dad on the up and up, and we're all done helping him.  You can't change people, and I am not going to go out of my way to glorify her father or his side of the family so that I don't hurt their feelings.  They make no attempt to contact me so why should it hurt when I point out the obvious?  I'm only telling the truth.

Despite the family drama I have to deal with sometimes, Mini Me is doing the best she can regarding school. She's showing progress with her speech and hopefully in the next couple of years she will able to say "potty" or "hungry" or "thirsty".  I'm going to be doing the activities her teacher left for us to do so she doesn't forget what she has learned.

Being a single mom, even with help, is hard.
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