Monday, July 23, 2012

What is your vocation (why are you here on earth)?

Day 27: What is your vocation (why are you here on earth)?

My reason here is just to try to hope I can make someone's day better for having had me in my life and vice verse.  After my daughter was born I realized that my vocation is to be a writer.  I've been doing it since I was 8 years old (when I started writing in a journal).  I read other author's journals/diaries as one of my hobbies and I can't believe how some of them could burn everything they've written and not think twice about it.  I could never get rid of my journals.  I'll lock them up in a safety deposit box the same way Anais Nin did before I burn anything.  They're 10x better than picture albums.  I'll probably have too many to put in a safety deposit box by the time I kick the bucket so I'll probably have to get trunks with locks on them and then give the key to Lexi when it's time.

Thinking about Lexi one day reading my massive collection of diaries after I'm gone kind of makes me happy.  I'll have this tradition to pass down to future generations, kind of like the "Book of Shadows" on the show "Charmed".   I don't want her to publish it though: this is something that will only be read from Lexi on down the line.  My short stories, articles, and blogs will be enough to leave behind; probably more than enough.

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